Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) is manufactured with the backing of decades of experience and engineering to provide passive fire protection solutions to material manufacturers and applicators alike. 

Tim Vellrath is the founder of the Vellrath Group. He has 40 years of experience as a fireproofing contractor and engineer. The most reputable industry organizations, and all major industry material manufacturers, have trusted and relied on Tim’s expertise.

Most notably the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) recruited Tim to provide analysis and insight into the fireproofing issues associated with the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

While running his fireproofing contracting business, Tim was constantly made aware of industry wide problems with the quality, compliance, and materials used for fireproofing patching. Existing solution relied heavily on identification, availability, and of course cost.

Traditional means and methods of fireproofing repair created several issues. Can you identify the existing material with exactitude?  If yes, contact that manufacturer for their repair protocol. But what if the material can't be identified or not available any longer?  Using a product to patch an unknown original SFRM also creates an issue of compatibility.

After years of testing Tim engineered UFP using a propriety formula of specialized compounds. UFP’s superior adhesion and cohesion makes the product five times stronger and significantly denser than existing fireproof patches. Strength, durability, and robustness are critical features of a fireproofing material and the adhesion/cohesion and density tests support UFP. The product has been fully vetted by VTEC and ITS laboratories as a trowel applied patch. It is UL certified as a SFRM (see UL Test Design Y737 at UL Product IQ https://iq.ulprospector.com/en).


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