Honesty & Integrity

In this industry lives are at stake. We approach the development of our product and our leadership role in the fireproofing industry with full transparency and honesty. This is the best way to ensure our customers are making the safest and smartest decisions when approaching a fireproofing situation.


Our fireproofing product and educational components are designed to provide the best possible outcome for our customers, and the lives they have the potential to effect. As a result we have the highest regard for quality. This principle goes into everything that we do at the Vellrath Group.


At the end of the day we’re responsible for the safety of others. As a result we must think beyond our own interests. We take a long-term view towards the potential impact of what we do here. As a result our decisions are based on what is right for the general public.  


At the Vellrath Group we do not cut corners, compromise the integrity of our product or services, and we run our business in a manner designed to surpass the expectations of our customers. We never forget that our product and services are integral to saving lives. For this reason we will never waiver when it comes to doing the right thing for those that rely on us.


Everything we do here at the Vellrath Group draws on in-depth knowledge of complex fireproofing principles and practices. This knowledge has been obtained through years of experience in the industry. We share our knowledge with our customers to help make their decisions in the field as well informed as possible.