I guess I will have to admit, up until about four years ago I thought that a distributor simply took products off the shelf and charged outrageous prices in doing so.  Lately I have been learning how difficult it is to be a reputable distributor.  I apologize.


You guys are probably dealing with tens of thousands of products, perhaps from hundreds of sources.  There are incoming materials, outgoing materials, inventory, perhaps cranky customers, and there is never enough time.  I suspect weekly, if not daily, you are barraged with some guy selling the best thing since sliced bread, only to find out that this new product was endorsed by his brother-in-law.

Well I would like to ask you to take a look at my slice.


Right off let me say that our claims have been thoroughly vetted by not 1, but 3 nationally recognized and independent laboratories, including UL (Underwriter Laboratories).

Our offering is the first DIY fireproofing patch kit.  It comes in a 25 lb. buckets, (your typical 5 gallon bucket) and has been tested as a fireproofing patch against all sorts of existing materials, including Grace, Cafco, and Carboline products.  Our UFP material is compatible with low and medium dense existing material, including both fiber and cementitious based materials.  We can provide up to a 2 hour rating.  We can be used on beams, columns, or decks.  Our adhesion/cohesion are nearly 5 times other fireproofing material and our density comes in at the high medium grade level making our UFP very strong and robust.  The reception of our material has been wonderful as If you want to check out some of our unsolicited testimonials.


The national market is much larger than you would think.  Studies have shown that reported patch opportunities alone may be as high as 25,000,000 to 40,000,000.  Who knows how many go unreported.

With distributor discounts our product is priced to allow you a 35% - 40% margin, although that may vary by geographic distance and quantities purchased.  One of our better distributors purchases about a pallet (42 buckets) every month perhaps every 6 weeks or so.  From that one pallet he will earn just under $3,000.00.


Of course we are more than just selling buckets.  We support our distributors in any way we can from artwork, to classes, to visitations; whatever it takes to make the arrangement work.