You are the one responsible for the project, construction costs, scheduling, and trade coordination; where can you go to get the technical data you need without all the sales nonsense?


Construction or Project Managers have to be concerned with the project’s overall schedule, the project’s cost, it’s compliance with the code and/or the material manufacturer’s requirements, and a litany of unexpected issues. Never will there be enough time and never enough money, but it is still your responsibility to get the structure built.

At the same time you are juggling 40, 50, or even 60 additional trades, each with their own issues. We have to recognize that fireproofing, by dollar, is a relatively minor trade, but it impacts every square foot of the building. Fireproofing inherently involves a host of technical restrictions: roof completion, deflection, temperature, vibrations, ventilation, and verification procedures just to name a few. Without a solid understanding of fireproofing, any application can quickly be a point of contention between competing trades. As the manager, you’re stuck with the problem.

Where can you go to get the expertise on fireproofing, the information you need to know to do your job, quickly and accurately?


Any manager knows it is far easier, faster, and less costly to resolve a situation before it becomes a problem. If it does becomes a problem, it is far better to minimize its cost and schedule impact as soon as possible. As time goes by, costs mount, delays become longer, but at the end of the day, the very same beams still have to be protected.

So, as the Construction or Project Manager, you’ll need the technical tools required to resolve most details or issues that affect the spray applied fireproofing application.

This is why we have developed the educational arm of Vellrath Group. It provides you a great resource with a sound detailed educational process, while also allowing everyone the opportunity to learn at a rate that works for them.

The program is based on you two hardbound books – a Handbook and Workbook. Each of the books can be electronically downloaded. The Handbook is a textbook producing a sound understanding for Fireproofing. The Workbook is a more hands-on product.

The material is presented in unique segments based upon the varied disciplines involved in fireproofing. In addition, you’ll have the option to “Create Your Own” Course by selecting only the chapters that may be of greatest interest or of most immediate need to your business….plus there many additional ways we can be of service to your company!

Maybe your interface with fireproofing will be less dramatic, as you notice, or a local fire official notices, or you insurance carrier notices that you have spots where the fireproofing has been disturbed.  The Vellrath Group manufacturers a Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) kit.  This fireproofing patch material has been thoroughly vetted by 3 international, independent recognized test laboratories, including UL, and is designed to be installed by anyone a little handy with a simply trowel.  We like to say we made our UFP material idiot proof; that may be a stretch so let’s call it idiot resistant.  Seriously, it is pretty easy to install.

A brief pitch about our product.  Wed did have it thermal performance verified at 3 independent laboratories.  We believe our UFP is the only material that has been test specific for thermal performance as a patch material not only as a SFRM material.  Our material density has been verified to be at the upper end of the medium density material making it stronger and more robust than other materials.  Most important Is our adhesion/.cohesion test results which came in nearly 5 times the published adhesion/cohesion results of the other material. 

Our corporate model of selling direct on line or thru distributors allows our overall cost to be much lower cost than through a trade applicator.  The savings are passed on to you, your company, or to the project.

A Message to Project & Construction Managers