Game Changer!

We received your samples in the mail today, thank you very much! We actually purchased 2 pails of the UFP and used it last week and it’s great! The true test was applying it upside down to the bottom of a beam and it ALL stuck like a champion. You guys have earned our business going forward. Our crew never looked forward to patching beams but they said this is a game changer on the beam patching. Thanks again for all your help!  

— John Javorski,  FIRECO, Inc

Awesome Product!

Prompt service, fast order processing, very personable, knowledgeable, responsive to engineering questions and other needs. Once product dries you can tell that area has been patched. Awesome product!    

— Tyler Bragg  Midwest Firestop, Inc.

We love working with you guys!  You ROCK and so does your product!

— Jimmy Landers, VA Division Manager, Midwest Firestop, Inc.

UFP was exactly what we had hoped would be invented

UFP is the perfect solution to what seems to be a common problem in our industry. We often ran into situations where we found that we only needed small amounts of fireproofing to patch areas where existing hangers or mechanical components were demolished. The trouble was, it was difficult to justify paying a contractor the money required for set-up and break-down, all for a very limited scope. A product like UFP was exactly what we had hoped would be invented. It is simple to mix and apply, easy to work with, doesn’t require any kind of special tools or application procedures and most importantly it doesn’t contain any offensive odors or chemicals that make it a tough sell for the niche that we tend to operate in Hospital and Healthcare construction.

— Ryan Pelletier, Ray Houle Construction Inc.

Fireproofing contractors are licensed and expensive

Since we do a lot of work downtown there are a lot of steel structures with existing Fire Proofing. When you do a remodel the fire proofing inevitably will need to be replaced where you have new walls attached to the structure. Locally, fireproofing contractors are licensed and expensive. It just isn’t cost effective when you only have a few square feet to patch. The Universal Fireproofing Patch allows our on-site superintendents to apply and ensure the structure is protected.

— Justin Gentry, HuDawn Facility Solutions

Not having to call in another vendor made this an ideal product

During renovation of a school project, it was noted that fireproofing was missing in a few locations once the ceilings were removed. The existing fireproofing project was unknown. We were able to patch the unprotected areas that were generally less than one square inch each with our own forces. Not having to call in another vendor and loose time with scheduling made this an ideal product. All submitted data and MSDS was available on the website when helped with getting approval to use the product.

— Paul Sarazin, Sarazin General Contractors, Inc.

Eliminates an unneeded risk in a hospital environment

We do a lot of health care work. By its very nature, health care work is highly sensitive and infection control is a top priority. We are constantly working in clinical, operating and other patient areas where patients with depleted immune systems are quite common. Normal dust particles to you and I can cause an infection for them and turn into a life and death situation. It is critical we as a general contractor mitigate all infection control risks at whatever means necessary. One way we have been able to mitigate this risk is through the use of the fireproofing patch. In the past we would often bring a spray on fireproofing subcontractor into a facility to repair only a handful of fireproofing locations. The spray on application resulted in untidy site conditions, air born dust particles and performing work on off hours resulting in added costs. Now, through the use of the fireproofing patch all of those conditions are gone. It is a clean, neat and organized activity that reduces cost and most importantly eliminates an unneeded risk in a hospital environment.

— Eric Libby, Wise Construction

My guys couldn’t stop talking about it!!

We used your product recently and I am glad to report that it worked fantastic!!!! My guys couldn’t stop talking about it!!. The way your product sticks to the steel is far superior that anything that we have used in the past. My guys now look forward to the fireproof patching. We were also surprised how far a 25 pound bucket goes. I guess when all of it sticks to the steel and not to the floor it goes a long way. We are 100% satisfied.

— John Buckel, RH Reinhardt

An absolute pleasure to work with

As New England’s premier Factory Mutual (FM) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) full-service firestopping contractor, we offer our clients industry leading innovation, excellence, and complete peace of mind for all of their firestopping and life safety needs. Vellrath Engineering products and support help us achieve that standard every time… your responsiveness and customer support have always far exceeded industry norms and even our own expectations for that matter. It is an absolute pleasure to work with a company which not only understand and accommodates our specific needs, but executes in a way that is second to none.

— Charles A. Fogg, DRI, Northeast Firestopping Solutions