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Please join us in celebrating a milestone! We have surpassed 10,000 units of Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) sold. Thanks to all our customers for your support.

Understanding Vulnerability – Column Vs. Beam Vs. Oblique Members

In the world of fireproofing, a beam is defined as a structural member with potential heat exposure on 3 sides. The assumption is that the 4th side is up against a floor deck or roof deck. A column, on the other hand, has heat exposure on all four sides of that structural member {note: orientation is not part of this

Why Using a Broken Bag of SFRM to Patch Fireproofing is Typically Not a Good Idea

Why can’t I use an already opened bag of SFRM to patch damaged fireproofing? Bagged SFRM costs me money! We get it! No one wants to waste money. Here’s the rationale, however, for not picking up a broken bag of SFRM that’s lying around – and using it to patch unknown fireproofing. Contamination – There is no way to determine whether the bag has been contaminated

Why use UFP for fireproofing repair?

  ASTM E UFP has been thoroughly ASTM protocol tested including the following advanced testing methods: E84 measures flame spread & smoke developed, E605 measures density, E736 measures adhesion and cohesion, and E119 measures burn time. 3 Hour Test UFP was originally tested at a 2 hour burn time, which indicates how long the material will provide protection, and was recently re-tested up to a 3

Where Does Universal Fireproofing Patch Fit Within the Fireproofing Industry?

Recent publications and subsequent conversations raised interesting questions – where does Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) fit in within the fireproofing industry? Are we compatible? Are we compliant? Are we “approved”? If the existing SFRM is known with certainty, and it is available, then our recommendation is to hire a manufacturer certified applicator and perform the required patch and repairs with

UFP Passes 3 Hour Burn Rating!

Vellrath Group is happy to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch has tested and passed ASTM E119 with an updated burn rating, now providing thermal protection for up to 3 hours. “We are very pleased with the results of this verification and we suspect this will allow UFP to penetrate conditions we could only speculate previously. Now we have confirmed data of

Fireproofing: Planning For Cold Temperatures

Let’s Talk Fireproofing! How to plan for temporary heat in cold weather… Nearly all spray-applied fireproofing materials are either mixed with water, contain water, or are applied with a spray of water. Due to the potential of freezing, a heated environment significantly above freezing is crucial to a successful application. The established rule governing this condition is that the area

Vellrath’s Path to Patent

Recently, Tim Vellrath, creator and founder of Universal Fireproofing Patch was interviewed to share his story on the road to obtaining a U.S. Patent: Tim, thank you so much for sharing the story of your new product development and the road to your first patent.  Hopefully your story will provide other entrepreneurs perseverance to push on. Can you tell us

UFP Featured in AWCI Construction Dimensions

We are pleased to announce that AWCI Construction Dimensions featured our exciting news being granted a U.S. Patent in the fireproofing industry.    Click here for the full article!

We are thrilled to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch has been granted a U.S. Patent!

We are thrilled to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) has been granted a U.S. Patent, the first of its kind within the fireproofing industry in forty years. In 2012, Tim Vellrath P.E. MBA developed a unique patch kit, Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) specifically designed for the repair of damaged fireproofing.  Fireproofing is a cementitious or fibrous material typically sprayed