UFP Passes 3 Hour Burn Rating!

Vellrath Group is happy to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch has tested and passed ASTM E119 with an updated burn rating, now providing thermal protection for up to 3 hours. “We are very pleased with the results of this verification and we suspect this will allow UFP to penetrate conditions we could only speculate previously. Now we have confirmed data of

Fireproofing: Planning For Cold Temperatures

Let’s Talk Fireproofing! How to plan for temporary heat in cold weather… Nearly all spray-applied fireproofing materials are either mixed with water, contain water, or are applied with a spray of water. Due to the potential of freezing, a heated environment significantly above freezing is crucial to a successful application. The established rule governing this condition is that the area

Vellrath’s Path to Patent

Recently, Tim Vellrath, creator and founder of Universal Fireproofing Patch was interviewed to share his story on the road to obtaining a U.S. Patent: Tim, thank you so much for sharing the story of your new product development and the road to your first patent.  Hopefully your story will provide other entrepreneurs perseverance to push on. Can you tell us

UFP Featured in AWCI Construction Dimensions

We are pleased to announce that AWCI Construction Dimensions featured our exciting news being granted a U.S. Patent in the fireproofing industry.    Click here for the full article!

We are thrilled to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch has been granted a U.S. Patent!

We are thrilled to announce that Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) has been granted a U.S. Patent, the first of its kind within the fireproofing industry in forty years. In 2012, Tim Vellrath P.E. MBA developed a unique patch kit, Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) specifically designed for the repair of damaged fireproofing.  Fireproofing is a cementitious or fibrous material typically sprayed

Connections and Fireproofing

I was asked a few weeks back about connections; when something is attached to a structural member that is or has to be fireproofed.   We can think of each connection as a “thermal short circuit”, meaning a clip, a piece of steel, or some kind of metal framing that is connected to the structural frame of the building thus creating

The Low Down on SFRM …

Spray-applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) . . . SFRM are classified into 3 main categories with a fourth category being a catchall for anything not included in the previous three. Commercial Density Materials: (minimum 15 pcf): Commonly used throughout the United States for interior and concealed applications. Typically, an office building where concealment will be provided with sheetrock and/or acoustic tiled

Potholes and Fireproofing?

Pothole season is upon us! We spend millions on hours and resources in fighting what at times seems to be a losing battle with these demons of the roadway. Multiple crews are repairing this failure of the roadway’s intent, on a daily basis, usually patching with a like minded asphalt only to have the pothole reappear in a few days or

Always Keep A Bucket On Your Truck!

I never know when a job results in me knocking off the fireproofing…but, I know when I do, I need to replace it. That’s why I am always prepared with UFP. It’s exactly what I need to make my DIY repairs, fast and simple.