Welcome to the education division of the Vellrath Group.  We provide a reliable, unbiased source of information on passive fire protection that will provide you with the tools you will need for greater compliance, faster schedule, and lower costs by helping you build your knowledge, expertise, and understand of this life saving trade - passive fire protection.

The process of Fireproofing Education is important because people’s lives are at stake!  It’s vital that we get it right on every fireproofing job. From a pragmatic perspective, fireproofing, installed correctly, will reflect a faster, less expensive application.  The Vellrath Group is a great source of unbiased information, reference guidelines and more.

How the program works

Whether you are an architect, engineer, building owner, contractor or another professional stakeholder in spray applied fireproofing, we can provide you and your staff with a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and expertise in helping you solve a variety of spray applied fireproofing issues and on-the-job problems.

The program is a practical process that is designed to allow you to decide the areas of expertise that can be of the greatest and most immediate benefit to you as well as providing you with core material that will ultimately act as a long term source of information on spray applied fireproofing.

The resources provided will help you to achieve a more compliant, faster, and less expensive application.

If you find yourself with an “on-the-job’ problem, please don’t ever hesitate to Contact Us at the Vellrath Group directly. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.