The publications created by Tim Vellrath are a way of helping all stakeholders of passive fire safety regardless of position or title. Building Owners, Designers, Contractors, Building Officials, and Inspectors will find this text crucial to the fulfillment of their professional duties and obligations.

Educational Products

We have two books available – a Handbook and a Workbook which can be purchased electronically.

  1. Handbook - The Handbook of Principles & Practices for the Application of Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials is a compilation of over 3 decades of research, consulting and personal experiences in the fireproofing trade.
  2. Workbook - The Workbook for the Application of Spray Applied Fire Resistive Materials is a “hands-on” hand bound volume designed to provide you with easy to follow directions regarding fireproofing.

Each of these products is designed to help in each of the following ways…

Background - The books dedicate chapters to the history, the how’s, what’s, and why’s of spray applied fireproofing providing the reader the necessary foundation to resolve fireproofing issues. Chapters are also dedicated to understanding some of the long-standing and controversial issues that affect the industry such as beam size, thermal restraint, beam substitution, and thickness calculations.

Specifications – The majority of the text is dedicated to the many details of specifying, applying, and inspecting spray applied fireproofing. When does a beam act like a column? What UL test applies to a truss versus a joist? These and many more questions are addressed in the nearly 200 pages of technical references.

Cost - Vellrath Group understands costs is always an issue and fire safety resources must be available to address the topic. Targeting economic analysis, or saving money, many chapters focus on putting practical knowledge to use in the field- on your project or building.

Scheduling – Some chapters focus on the construction schedule. Tight construction schedules require each application to be as expedient as possible without incurring added OT costs or sacrificing code compliance, which is always a challenge.

Over the years application efficiency has dropped, installation costs have risen, and compliance rspanains troublesome—at best. People just do not have the time or the knowledge to put it all together, which is the focus of the final chapter of the Handbook.

Our publications were created for; and made available through, our educational division of Vellrath Group—a distribution vehicle that makes it possible for professionals, contractors, inspectors, local fire officials and stakeholders of the fire safety industry to receive the highest quality, unbiased fireproofing education possible.

Educational offerings can be purchased at our on-line store, either in download form or in hardcopy.