Specification & Verification

  • One (1) - 25# bucket of UFP will provide enough material for 25 patches, 8 ½” x 11” by ½”
  • UFP has been tested against fiber and cementitious materials as the existing SFRM
  • UFP was tested & classified under UL 263 protocol as a SFRM at 2 hours @ 1 3/16” by UL
  • UFP has been tested at 3 hours @ 1.61” at VTEC Labs per ASTM E119 protocol
  • UFP is certified as trowel applied patch material by Intertek Labs
  • UFP is manufactured under both UL and Intertek Certification requirements & guidelines
  • ASTM E84 test results indicate a zero contribution to smoke and fire
  • ASTM E736 tested at VTEC Labs shows an adhesion/cohesion of 2745 lbs. sf
  • ASTM E605 tested at VTEC Labs shows a density of 38.52 lbs. cf
  • UFP has been tested compatible against low and medium density SFRM materials
  • There is 8.6 board feet per 25 lb. bucket
  • UFP was awarded the Innovative Product of the Year in 2014 by AWCI
  • UFP is protected by U.S. Patent #9,963,638
  • All tests were performed by nationally recognized and independent fire test laboratories


  • Determine how much UFP and potable water is needed – approximately 1 quart of water for every 2 pounds of UFP, or the equivalent. (approximately 3.2 gallons of water per bucket)
  • Select a mixing tub large enough to hold the water and UFP material and pour 90% of the water into tub, followed by the UFP and begin mixing. By pouring the water first, this avoids unmixed UFP at the vertical and horizontal contact in the mixing bucket.
  • Use a ½ inch drill with mixing blade for a full bucket and a smaller drill and mixing blade for lesser amounts
  • Mixed UFP should appear fully wetted, similar to oatmeal consistency. Fully wetted but not so wet as to hamper application. Use remaining 10% water if needed, to adjust thickness consistency. • We recommend ¾” to 1” per pass
  • “POT” time - 2 - 4 hours and “SET” time - 24 hours • If the surrounding substrate is too dry, you can lightly moisten using water in a spray bottle • UFP can be painted with a water-based paint (might seep in a little)
  • Substrate should be bare, slightly rusted steel, free of loose mil scale, rust or oils (do not use cleaning agents - wire brush only)
  • UFP should be applied at 40° and rising, 24 hours prior to and 24 hours post application