Where Does Universal Fireproofing Patch Fit Within the Fireproofing Industry?

Recent publications and subsequent conversations raised interesting questions – where does Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) fit in within the fireproofing industry? Are we compatible? Are we compliant? Are we “approved”?

If the existing SFRM is known with certainty, and it is available, then our recommendation is to hire a manufacturer certified applicator and perform the required patch and repairs with the identified product as per the appropriate protocol.  However, if the existing SFRM is unknown, with no identification testing available and a guess is unacceptable, then UFP may be your answer.  If the existing SFRM can be identified through accurate record keeping, but it may not be available, then UFP may be your answer.

UFP is U.S. patented and is the most independently tested patch/repair material available on the market.  It is the result of nearly four decades of application experience of which patching has always been a problem including but not limited to being; too expensive, too cumbersome, change orders, subcontracts or even sub-subcontracts, payment and technical compliance issues.  Our mission is to fill that gap.

UFP has been extensively tested both as a SFRM (with UL) and as a patch material (with Intertek Laboratories).  Independent tests prove our UFP material will provide thermal protection up to 3 hours per ASTM E 119 standards.  We have proven UFP to possess superior adhesion/cohesion with a test result of 2745 lbs./sf., nearly 5 times that of your average SFRM.  Finally, independent tests have provided UFP with a density of 38.52 lbs./ft3, a sure indication of the robustness of the repair.  Cost calculations have shown that our installed UFP patch will cost about 1/2 of the more traditional means and methods of repair.

In regards to compatibility, UFP has been tested as a patch material against all major material manufacturer products, fibrous and cementitious, medium and light density products and all under a variety of construction conditions. We stand behind our product, it’s extremely thorough testing program and our willingness to be fully transparent. We are happy to respond to any questions you might have regarding our testing program and the appropriate usage for UFP.