Why Do FM’s and Construction Professionals Across the U.S. and Canada Trust UFP To Patch Damaged Fireproofing?

Because UFP has been tested, verified and certified to work exactly as intended…

ASTM Protocol Tested
UFP has been thoroughly ASTM protocol tested including the following advanced testing methods: E84 measures flame spread & smoke developed, E605 measures density, E736 measures adhesion and cohesion, and E119 measures burn time.
3-Hour Burn Test
UFP was originally tested at a 2 hour burn time, which indicates how long the material will provide protection in fire conditions, and was re-tested up to a 3 hour burn time. This longer time preserves the strength of the structural member, the stability of the structure and most importantly, gives the first responders more time to do their job.
UL Tested
Test Y737 was developed specifically for UFP using UL 263 (ASTM E119) which tests thickness and hourly fire rating as a SFRM.
Intertek Tested
Intertek test VEL/CF 120-01, using ASTM E119, measured burn time using UFP as a patch material. The results showed no delamination between spray-applied fire-resistive material (SFRM) and UFP!
VTEC Verified
VTEC’s ASTM E736 test measures adhesion and cohesion, which identifies how well the material sticks to itself and to the substrate. Test ASTM E605 measures density. And ASTM E119 measures burn time.
UFP holds U.S. patent #9,963,638 – the first of its kind in decades!
Universal Fireproofing Patch has done all the hard work to ensure our product is safe and effective for patching fireproofing. All you need to do is mix with water and apply.