Why Using a Broken Bag of SFRM to Patch Fireproofing is Typically Not a Good Idea

Why can’t I use an already opened bag of SFRM to patch damaged fireproofing? Bagged SFRM costs me money! We get it! No one wants to waste money. Here’s the rationale, however, for not picking up a broken bag of SFRM that’s lying around – and using it to patch unknown fireproofing.

Contamination – There is no way to determine whether the bag has been contaminated by exposure to outside agents.

Moisture– An open bag invites moisture into the mix, causing lumps and unknown compromises in fire performance.

Intended Use – Bagged SFRM is typically intended for a spray application. SFRMs are developed with a “slipping” agent that allows for easy pumping through a hose. Because of that, the agent is difficult to apply as a trowel.

Is it worth risking all of this to save $20? Use the right product for the right job. If you know what SFRM was originally applied, contact the material manufacturer. If you don’t know what was originally applied, check out UFP.